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Hands & Eyes Services

Ability to communicate in wtitten and spopken English.

Non Stop (0-24 on 7days whole year) availability to give 2nd hand for Customer NOC/Gateway

Be on site at latest in 2 hour after Hot Call.


We support:

  • Regular checking of the POP site and the Customer’s leased premises.
  • Checking the equipment (status of the leds) Identify Fault conditions.
  • Equipment restarting (turn off/on), replace fuses, power on/off/ (power recycle)
  • Reporting to Customer’s NOC/Homing Gateway (in English)
  • Disconnect-Connect cables, cleane fibres/pigtails/connectors
  • Re-Clipping RJ45/BNC if necessary
  • Checking laser power level
  • Remove-, put in-, replace cards in the equipment
  • Replace/Install patches (Optical/Coaxial/UTP) by possibility
  • Make BER, Ethernet and OTDR test.
  • Store making of spare parts

On Demand Activity

  • Installation of Racks, Equipments, Cables, AC/DC power, DC brakers/fuses, Infrastructure
  • Power UP, and hardware diagnostic working of equipments
  • Set equipments for log in from far and.
  • Connect new customer cables.
  • Receive goods, and leading spare parts.
  • Unpacking and racking devices / logistics of return parts.
  • Provide all (non maker specific) required tools and materials for installations.
  • Testing all new cables and connection.
  • Make BER test on SDH system 1.5Mbps-10Gbps.
  • Make Ethernet test 1Mbps-10Gbps
  • Check all the equipments status, facility and power each week/mounth.
  • Providing installation report, including serial numbers, asset tags os installed hardwares.
  • Provide photos of all new status.


Our company can support you in:


Alcalte 1660, 1670, 1696

Ciena MW4000, 9600 Corestream, Corestream Agility, 4200

and anyother systems, whiches are compatible with theese systems.